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Friday, October 27

hmmz i totally dont know what to type out ere.....
well i still haven't figured out how to get my picture uploaded so i'll just post this one...
doesnt really look like me that much but its the most recent one of all
lately i've been reading fushigi yugi... i loved the anime and the manga is really funny as well
it pays off to have a reading habit i guess... had this big big giagantic fight with mom... she'z jz so PMS'd up right now.... does she always have to be right??? maybe i'm selfish sometimes and all but hey thats just human nature aint it !! i picked a confirmation name... hmm how do ya think it sounds?? chantalle... its pretty frenchy but i think its really unique... sounds common but not many people have it yea.... lols so that good news for me!!! has anybody heard of a teenage fiction novel called wicca??? its really good but its expensive in malaysia... 25 fer each volume... maybe i should collect manga instead ... i hear its got some value.... dunno if thats even true... owh well!

- m e l i a -

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