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Wednesday, January 3

baaacck to skewl!!

its the first day of school...
plus its a wednesday ...
dance class today
daddy's birthday
and schools first day for this year..
plus its spm year!!!

big deal for malaysianx... kinda like graduating!!
woah... time passes by so fast ... i've been wakin up the whole night ; maybe it was my body's way of not lettin me oversleep .. but i did anyway!! half an hour later than i expected to awake... and p.s i didn't even hear my alarm ring!! owh shyte!!!

well there's some consolation tough!!
i'm seeing all my friends in a group after a long time!!
i found my confirmation dress! ( needs some alterations*)[ church ya know;) ]
i've got a good class..
and yes once again i'm the treasurer!
3years in a row ... outta my years in high school its 4 years ... same post and yeah i'm gonna be the *ahem* decoration commity's *kononnye* assistant la ...

form 5 is gonna be one hectic year man!! plus i gotta think of some fundraiser.. and there's still LEO club... i really must do smthg.... it is my last year anyway... i'm a senior!! yea ;)

^^ any c
o m m e n t $. . .

dot dot and dot!

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Anonymous said...

treasurer * ahem * money * ahem * steal * ahem * share some *cough cough*