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Monday, February 19

chinese new year?

this years ang pau collection is so saddening man!!

its like more people are gettin married but the amount is gettin lesser when it should be doubling rytw?

gees! its so not fun! but seeing all my cute lil cousins on my dad's side was a consolation. and i suddenly realised that i have only 3 cousin sisters present at cny this yr!! omgg the yam side is packed with guys. lets see gurls ;3, guys:6.

thatx even doubled the numba in ratio and those were the one's present. i didnt even mention those who are overseas! lols maybe when we all get married and all that crapp* we'll have a generation of gurls topplin over the guys! aaw*ness* kidds are just so cute aren't they!

its just when you are alone with them that you truly find out what kinda shit you got yrself into! lols i guess i gotta take back what i said to joex! i told him i can't write anthg ere?! i guess i have lotsa stuff to crapp whoopsie!** talk bout** hehex.

chao people who see my blog?! if there are any. leave me a comment or a message in my chatbox kayx!!

luvre ame'licious*

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