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Friday, February 16

creditations from ame'licious

i lavv nikki
i lavv haxz
i lavv joex
i lavv rissy

cuz ya'll got my bloggie back from its grave!!

it loves you too!!

haxz you really kno my taste! i like the emo background .especially with all de blacq and piink!!
so sad yr gonna go melaka larh.. we didnt even hang out! oh yea this hold i will be ere in pj.den we can hang .if you are like damn free la that is. ahax . huggs kisses and love you!!

nikki a.k.a sassylicious-ness
extra extra lavv you!! one of my bestest besties ever!!plus sama fashion sence! lols
also credited for makin me lyke piink!!aikxx i type like i'm chinese ed or smthg!! enjoy yr trip to the phillipines hunniebun!! and i wan souvineersszx

lols so not jokin bout that

jojojojojo JOEX jojojojoj
lavv you too!! even though i've known you since like form3. we didnt really chat that much. i always tought you were somestraight laced studyin math genius ahax you are so not!!but yes you are damn good at math. *jelouse* i am!! huggie happy cny yeah

lurve melia

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