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Friday, February 16

creditations from ame'licious

right now i love so many people!!
erm my daughter* ,my son/bf/husband(yes he's confused)*

my FRIENDS of cuz !!
my FAMILEE .. sometimes!! lols i'm a meanie!!
and all the people who love me!! they are my reason for living..

PHIlIP LEW WEI SHENG here i posted stuff that isn't my dairy and still isn't crapp! don't say my bloggy is not filled with emoness!! chi's why dont you switch to blogspot?!

its cny at 12am tmrw. so i'll use some red. p.s i kinda don't like red actually.
ang pao's galore.. mandy darl so sorry i can't link to you yeah . i'm so noobie i dunno how to. but i'll get someone to teach me asap! same to nikki rach ginaa and all those who've linked to me. i'm real terrible with computer language hahax..

i'm gonna go watch ghostrider asap!! i hear its kewl and i really wanna check it out. but first of all. i need some people to go with! i am so darn serious!

enough of *ughs* red! i went out with pengx the "tiny".. haven't hung out with her for so damn long man.. at first i thought it might be a bit kekok la. cuz so long didn't talk right?! but not really. we still have lots to crapp and ramm on and on about. lols. plus we did loadsx of shoppin. only thing was that we were rushing so we didnt get to take our own sweet time. plus i kinda ran out of *kaching* $$$ lols.so i didnt manage to buy any bottoms just the topps..
. aikxx.. also to my lil.,,oops bigbig hippo.thanks for comin all the way to teman me!!huggie. don't so sad k.you always got me to talk to anyways!!

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