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Wednesday, March 14


tmwr is dance class exam!
i'm not so nervous anymore!
just kinda anxious!
and even after so long using blogger i still haven't
learn't how to link! geez i'm a real noobie.

neways today i went out with chichi..
*i lavv her*
we went to the curve. hmmm nue locationz*

we did hitomi,ate lecka lecka. went to midori(yummie unagi)
we watched this fucking sick movie called turista's!
now come to think of it i think turista's means tourist.
this chicq was on the operating table and they just carved her up.
*sick guys fantasy of takin back what americano's take frm the brazilians.*
so eew*and den they took out all her organs to donate! ^^ggrrooosss**
then they just left the friggin carcass there to rott with all the insides out. plus she was totally naked so nw we kno why it was 18sx huh...

guys might love the fact that all the bikini's and like triangles that dont cover enuff and the bottoms are like g-strings!!

gawd but still josh duhammel was der! he's kinda cute and after all he's fergie's boyfriend! hmmm *yummy*

i hope i can sleep tonight! so ughh la that scene!

*melia lovie chiz*

aimee-melia-dramaqueenie-i so love -

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