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Wednesday, March 7

you think i don't care?!

like hell i bother! like shit i care!!
i don't let it show cuz i don't wanna let it show.
honestly sorry doesn't say it all okay. even if you guys are speechless it still shows.
so damn true . you people just made my day. know?!

i have friends but today i just felt i couldn't tell anyone you know??
its so torturing. you think i'm insensitive fine i am sometimes but i still try to be a good friend k. and ppl who bang into me don't say hi they just go hey am where's _ _ _ _* so and so?! not even how are you am.. hey who you talkin to here. it gets to me but cuz yr my friend i just let it pass.
giving me unwelcomed looks . *sheesh think i don't know* i feel it okay just didn't want you all to think i was being "siew hei" or smthg! cuz i'm sensitive i am but i don't think crying helps. so by the time you see this if you ever do. it'll be past..

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