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Wednesday, April 4


edited this with the phone.. kinda dark tough.
but i love it!

<--- muh new shoes!!

-come on people.. please come to school tmrw!!
or pammy and i will be all alone!!-

the night before last dels and i spent 2-3 hours on the phone.
and we were like talking bout the sms's we were receving. well, from the same person.

my great story!

its just some crap nic and i were thinkin bout all written out into a story..
its both the ***** ****** kakax. secret... but as soon as wel finish one part. i'll be
publishing a page here. and one will be in nic's blog. and then the next in mine. like 1,3,5 is in mine and 2.4.6 is in hers(blog) =)

schools been so so uber boriing!!
we never study. i haven't had homework
for like 3days now! and we've been
having talks and stuff in the dewan.

yesterdays speaker was a chicq! she stood there and flirted with the guys..
and not to mention some girls as well.. sweated-person..

todays speaker was so funny. okay i really did enjoy his talk. i'll admit it. =) even tough i don't wanna. *giggles* the guy was from help uni. i guess the ulterior motive is to publisize*dunno the spellin* their uni-coll. oh well at least it was fun...

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