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Sunday, April 22

i shall

try not to procastinate
try not to curse
to be an angel
a good lil daughter
really innocent
& obedient

try to do something from the list i just made. =/

*no guarantees!!!*

i always view my blog but am so darn lazy to update it..
my friends have gone missing for a little which my c:box
is kinda dead!! ppl just say something.. i'm bored
and not to mention feeling more lifeless then ever
cuz the dreaded "examz" are here! =,((

neways i went for good charlotte's concert here in malaysia!!
it was so rockin.. i wish i had a meet and greet thingy!!
the local bands were good too and estranged was there playing
my fav song frm them::itu kamu:: in english it means "that's you"
sounds funny in english actually =S
the crowd was so damn crazy and i guess it was lucky for me that i got priority q(ue) tickets! but them 'customs' were so sloww!! the normal tickets got in faster then i did! but i was still front! =) *grinns widely*
banged into nat khew, aris, rachelle ,raynee and a sch athlet which i keep on forgettin her name!! arrgh! besides raynee is really hot. i admit it =) i'm jelous!

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