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Wednesday, April 11

the sixth chicks

okay i just found out that ja'neh actually means "bye" or "see you later". i feel so stupiid!!

i'm supposed to blog about the sixth chicks.
so here goes. *just great i typed the whole damn thing out and it took so long cuz i had to edit some stuff in my mind and use dialog form too. and guess what my mom went and closed the tab!! arrhg i was so friggin pissed. still am actually.

Once upon a time, thete lived the six chicks. They were Isabella, Rayne, Susan, Diselle, Milla and Cammy. Isabella is Spanish. Rayne is Jap+Dutch. Susan is American, Diselle is French, Milla Italian and Cammy is British. They were all rich, beautiful and famous. They were Famous because they were models. All were sought after by leading brands such as Gucci, Prada, Burburry and every girls best friend Tiffany's of 'cause. They lived in Polly Pocket Land.Everyone has their own custom made car. Isabella has an Aston Martin, Rayne has a Lamborghini convertible, Susan has a cut lil' Beetle and a private jet, Diselle and Milla both bought Ferarri's, and Cammy has a Hummer.

Isabella and Susan live to model, shop and make out. lol** Rayne loves to model,eat,go clubbing and date. Milla, Diselle and Cammy are almost like triplets they just spend their time shopping , sun-tanning and going for dates! They live in a huge 3storey mansion on 7th Avenue,Polly Pocket Land. The mansion consist of 12bedrooms, 8bathrooms, a tennis court, 2swimming pools, a pool and foose room, a game room, a hot tub, jacuzzi , tv room and living and dining areas that are oh-so romantic. Each had their own personal assistant and shopping consultant.

One day after a modeling shoot at the modeling agency's private locations;

Isabella (B)
Rayne (R)
Susan (S)
Diselle (D)
Milla (M)
Cammy (C)

B:: Hey babe! wanna go shopping? I need a rest from all this! Besides i wanna get my nails done

R:: Aite, i wanna get some new bags and shoes! Oh yeah i wanna check out the new perfumes!

B::Ready to roll?

R::Yeah babeh!

*in the car*

B::Hey, didn't you buy a few bags the other day? And shoes as well?! Gosh won't your dad
question you or something?

R::Nah! He's rich enough! Haha.

B::Oh well! At least we have the taste to spend all that cash! Some people just c-a-n-n-o-t dress!
Its dreadful! Besides that we're great at checking out HOt guys too! *giggles*. Hmmm,
speaking of hot, James is so darn HOT!!

R::Should I really agree with that? I mean he's like your territory ya kno'. =D . Hey the bag i
bought the other day is just 'Guess'. Ah cheap stuff!

B::So who's your's? That crappy neigbhour of our's? Nathan or Sven?! They both freak me out!


Nathan:: Hello ladies! *squeaky voice very high pitched*

B::Look what the cat dragged in! *rolls eyes lookin very annoyed*

R::Uh hi! Hey listen I'll just pop into Prada for a while kay! BRB *runs into Prada*
back on 5minutes with 17bags!

B::17?Woah that's a record even for you!Nathan please just go away! stop stalking me. I have a
life to live you know! Btw Rayne that bag from Gucci is so adorably HOT! I want one!

- to be continued-

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