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Sunday, April 8


some pictures. and btw add our frnsta account at www.friendster.com/theochibufive

the ochibu five lookin so tired.

*the pile up* dulcie is missing. cuz she took the picture. =D

our phones.. delz i ter-cut yr 5300! sorryworrie. editing probb =/but my cat looks damn funnie!

i loved today!!

it was really great. us d.a.a hung out at my crib
the whole time.. and surprisingly we all had
the concious mind not to go elsewhere. =)

we played/watched PS2 from 11.30-4
went on9 and ppl kept watchin me send out testimonials. xD
then aris took my comp over and we ended up watchin you-tube for a while..
then off to mamak. chatted bout drama's! timmy kun was suppa lost for a while.
but we filled him in.. he wants me to tell nikki that he's ordered the new happy potter book.

after which we dropped home and got a deck of cards. then it was off to the park. but we didnt even play CARDS!!! damn .it was still a really fun day....

we established that our lil group the D>a>A

deadly and adorable *nt just in looks*
1)co-founder - del-chan <3 style="color: rgb(255, 204, 0);">

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