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Tuesday, April 17


was okayy
suppa hot!!

actually it was mainly all of the above..
i was just being lame and too free.
but it was still pretty funny =)

reliving my primary school days we*melia,nikki,nich,hippo*
all started playing some hand games and cracking lame lil' jokes..
hmm new name's

rayne = rani
nikki = lil babe/babi

for those who don't know.
rani is an indian name and babi means pig in malay =D
. amiel is gonna go back to the phillipines soon =( we'll miss him and
his weird antics. he's such a sport always letting us bully him and
then he'll be all sad so we'll go tend to him like a baby. and *sayang* him like crazy. lols its really cute and funny.

nozz abandoned us today. but its good that he's mixing with the others. i kinda wonder if he get's sick of us. i mean we are like always the same people. and the same group. *hmmms*

*tafn* ::rayne::

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