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Wednesday, May 2

blog dead???

blogs kinda dead cuz i only update it like every 1 month. lols
tonight dance class and MEL and i have this little bet..

which goes like this...

i said : aiya mcBeefy sure won't come la
mel said :: wanna bet???
i said :: okay what?
mel said :: if he comes you must do smthg, if he doesnt i will do smthg.
i said: okay this , if mcBeefy comes i will ask him if he's taken . his email. and his number i'm nt askin the gf part tough =) if he doesnt come you have to ask mcLala for his num, email and the gf thingy.

* and i will continue the ending when i get back tonight =) *

-drama's and trials of
teenage LIFE!-

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