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Tuesday, May 8

exams... i so hate!

greens supposed to be calming so i used it to post today... =)
neways addmaths exam is tomorrow and after school
mel and i plan to go to one utama to get our mom's some
kinda present la. but i gotta rememba to go to the bank!
i just realised my wallet is kinda drying out.. it seems to have
taken some kind of diet.. =S

arrgh add maths why do you even exist! i hate you so so so much!!
i suppose suffering in high school i won't have to suffer in college la.
which is good cuz i wanna enjoy my college life =) *grins*

in todays english paper there was a load of crap about blogging
and its benefits and disadvantages.. what a load of shit weih!
yaya lots of kiddies write fake stuff in their blogs and some stuff
like sexual predators finding them trough their blogs.and photo's being misused
yea we know all the dangers of stuff like this but if its so dangerous you should just bann the blardeee internet! *sheesh*

here we are trying to move into an age of science and nano technology but without the use of computers and the internet we'd be no more than cavemen! i mean instead of doing some friggin upgrading were downgrading!! HELLO HUMANITY! where are you going.. the direction we strive is upwards not downwards. would you like to rewind the process of evolution and go back to being APES? i'll remember to greet you when you are in ape form one day. =) if i so happen to live and see that .

TAFN (thats all for now)

-life can be crappy but we'll still love it?-

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