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Wednesday, May 30

i decided to blogg

the chicks
the dudes
i <3>
watcha lookin at?!
happy b'day melia

i've been wanting to blog for the past few days.
but when i get down to it , i'll just go "ah save it for another day"
and thats how i ended up not blogging for quite a while..
i finally got the pictures from nic. the pictures of my b'day that is...
and frankly i'm lazy to create another slide! lols

lately, nothing much has happened on monday i woke up, brushed my teeth, ate, watched tv,slept summore, and attended rosary gatherings. on tuesday i did the same stuff but i didnt go for the rosary gathering cuz there wasn't one. such a boring life =.=
sunday i went to del's appartamento and we went swimmin. the pool's so shallow and because all of us geniuses forgot our goggles we didn't stay in the pool all that long LOL
we got out and almost fell asleep on the cabanna chairs. suddenly this couple comes up and ask "hey, is the pool veyr deep?" we were like "erh nola its like 4feet only" then they went "oh ok shallow only ler" all a sudden the man says " eh jump in la " swt can't he see we just got out , our hairs still wet =.=""

so you my readers can have a field day trying to match the captions and the pictures =)
i will follow you !
o.O mirror
nippon des
doll+ doll
the school girls

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