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Saturday, May 19


lets see, exams are almost over. *dumb school*
told you they set the weirdest timetables! i still have
add.math exam. on monday!! wtf!
idiots! how's you guys like the car?? "cute? small? is it a toy?"
i kinda got those comments before. and now ppl are askin me to drive 'em
round. crapp i'm gonna be someone's driver

2) su
4) me??

well its very liberating to get to run away anytime i want. but kinda troublesome cuz i'm gonna end up being a driver. damn

i was so pissed last week but todays entry should be happy. *i thinks*

well i just got home from pilates class feeling slimmer and less all over. So my day started with a really good feeling. apparently i'm improving in some area's *YAY* clap for me ppl^^ and i've been cam-whoring almost every night. why i don't really know. but i just feel like it. ytd in the car. i was thinking about what to blog about. i mean its been a long week =) so many things to crapp about and let you waste yr time reading. AT LEAST YOU CAN TELL MOMMI AND DADDY YR STILL READING!**
i'll post some photos after this yea. but i'm sure terrible with 'em so they'll end up everywhere la .. erh i'l post a slide! later!

my birthday is coming up!! wohooooo
and were planning to skip school and
go to this restaurant in sungai wang
river money ?!!! lol! x) . planning even
with all the drama around us it was really
fun. and kno what they've been so damn
obviously thinkin of buying me smth
but they haven been able to buy anthg. lol
its really funny when they're trying not
to be obvious but i'm all ears
actually i'm *just acting blurr*
i wanna be all surprised . well i will be
i dunno what they're doing!! aikxers
nikki and i were crapping about what to wear
on "that day".[p.s mandy can't come*sobbs*]
so we decided. i'm going as this japanese
school girl*i got the skirt* and nic's going as this
office woman*hmm sexayyy*

erh i just went blank. so byebye!!

*o.O su is finally coming to church tmrw*
she'd better not leave me all alone! i'll kill hey
*strangle strangle*

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