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Sunday, May 13

yesterday was a f****** day . today its....

Sunday so I'm not allowed to curse actually. =)
well its mothers day and the form4 soon to be confirmants
had to sell flowers to raise funds for their camp at the end of the year.
WOW they so semangated! (full of spirit) The minute i step outta the car they bombarded me
already. fuiyoh like a warzone only! but i managed to keep myself outta harms way =))
got the crucifix necklace blessed by father. gave it to mom. she was like "oh thank you".. aunty geri was like "arrgh i also want .. so sweet"
. with mom's reaction i was so wtf! why couldn't she just be nicer at least in front of ppl la right?!
i spent so much time and cash to get that for her okayy! fcukkkk

after mass, cass and i were waitin for wilson. to go to the mamak for some eats. wilson took so long cuz he had to sell some books written by the pope on behalf of the church. *good boy* and cass had to wait for her momma to chao cuz her mom doesnt really allow her to go =S owh well. so wait la. half way i kena bombard by more flower sales people! hmmm =S . okay caught up to cass and wils. they ended up waitin for me.. so on the way we banged into a blurr blurr alicia. she was like hey i just came frm the mamak thought you all were there already. i said:: were gonna go now. then she like walk walk till dunno where and we lost sight of her. =.=" ALICIA!!! its morning!! when i called del before the alicia thingy she said:: oh were just about to leave the apartment only * i thought they were in the mansion la* P.s:: DURING MASS SHE SMS'D ME SAYING SHE WAS ON THE WAY, THE TIME WAS 9.40-I CALLED HER AT 10:06.. ICIC THE apartment so far merr?!!! its like 10 minutes from church la! damn!!!finally we got to the mamak. the old feller didnt understand my order and brought me roti banjir. the pratha with all the dhal on it already! crapp guess what a whole load of sambal was on it!! eh i can't eat chilli la.

we rush of to class. well not really rush of la just takin our time. * during mamak cass wilson and i discussed bout undang test for our driving license and clubbing. see how it goes and during the hols we'll probably go take the undang together la.. hmmz

we reach class. okay almost everyone know's amiel's family is leaving! i'll miss him. he's so tongue-in-cheek! lols funny guy. but he's emo at times *hmm*my cutsey little car is gonna go for sticker pasting for the biotherm roadshow!! *boohoo* my car's gonna be U-G-L-Y.. ARRGHHH!!! oh well its business la. last note before i stuff this page with pictures of the car i oh-so-love! timmy-kun came in just before class was over *timmy is del's bf* . we didnt wanna buy any flowers but they stared at each other for a while. the he did the flower bid! aaw like romeo and juliet! just very shy one's! so its like

TIM::here dear! *smiles and holds up flower* -ps::tim smiles like a kid and its really cute, del always melts when she see's it!
DELDEL::oh thank you dear. *blush*

everyone who say that was like
AAAWWWW!!! *puppy eyes everywhere*!!!

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