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Sunday, June 17

another boring week

i am really just too lazy to edit that post / slideshow so i'll leave it there to rott electronically. ;)

my week was really boring and draggy.. dance class is fun and also not that fun...
i found out a few things :)
1) momma's boy's MAMA is really really nice...
2)maxx is gonna leave soonnn... NOOO
3)as perasan as he is yes i will miss him.. psst::he said nicholai is gonna teach us =(
he's not so friendly!!

today i followed my mummieee to her luncheon with her old school mates.. met her friends from stockholm, sweden . her daughter amanda is really pretty.. shy but pretty! at first i thought she was in uni or something.. in fact she's even younger than me. sixteen!! she's just finished her form5 over there.. well its called grade 12 or smthg like that.. unfortunately i caught my momma's conjunctivitis!! well maybe i get to skip school tmrw.. cuz it contagious.. but i might hafta go... oh well i'll just cry in assembly if we have one! and demand to be taken ermm.. home???

my results are really bad.. i got single digit for two subjects!!!
omfg.. i mean 2??!! 1 is bad enough, now its two?!!
tmrw is amiels little going away dinner. at williams.. lols
funny i picked there yea??
well its so short notice anyways!! and we'll all miss him loads
i'm sure the girsla of course!

tafn!! ily bye!

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