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Monday, June 11


blogger has officially lost muh previous post..
i actually was in the middle of posting some pictures
which turned into fifty pics actually so i'm doing it
slideshow style :)

the holidays flew by so darn fast it was hard to enjoy even
hmmm *reflection time* lately i've been lazy to blogg and even
when i do blog it seems there's nothing to say . -honest-
i had tuitions galore, forum took one whole weekend
and then the normal cycle was back again . except the
school part. i loved it even if it got boring at times and made me feel
all the more lifeless than i already feel *hmmmz*

school started again today and everyone agrees on this one thing!
how utterly boring it turned out to be.. our timetables have been changed
once again. upsetting the universal balance of the taman sea galaxy.
feels like gravity shifted elsewhere , hahas. well the party's are long gone.
the tuitions are back home and the weather is the same as usual. WEIRD AND UNPREDICTABLE! it makes me whine alot. hahas pms-ing away ..
i decided to join the PJI leo's but something keeps pestering away in my mind .. WHY? to be truthful i myself don't really know why either .. =.= i know thats what yr probably thinking.
neways my fingers are getting lazy. so i gotta go . chao

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