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Tuesday, June 5

i am ass-less *fornow*

got back from forum yesterday :)
i'm totally assless now . wish i'd taken the
flight instead. but i suppose it wouldn't have
been as fun right??! we left at 2smthg and
reached back at 1am .. =0 its like more than
twice the time we took to get there!! no fair!
at least we didn't switch back to our old bus.
(we got switched with dj) the old bus broke down .
HAHAHA to the ppl who got stuck in there..

*i'm feeling mean*

i woke up at 4.30 pm yesterday , i think i was
the latest outta the ppl i know who went :)
good news la since i didnt sleep for the two day's i was
there =) i love being a gurl.. you can just say its beauty
sleep or whatever crapp you want to call it , guys are just
blamed for being piggs if they sleep to long :) plus all the
snoring .double .. erm triple LOLSSS

even tough forum was pretty boring and totally
messy i still can honestly say i did have fun!
we slept trough the talks and the awards
but stayed up for the gambling, staring, and even
the horrible horrible food =.= ughhh** never go
to that restaurant!! i should post the name but
i'm too lazy la :)

i wanna watch ratatoille!!!!
and the last mimsy !!
and blades of glory!!

p.s shreck + pirates III i <3

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