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Saturday, July 7


earlier i announced my bloggie was dead?!!
well its still true actually.. but today i got permission..
gawd i sound like some prisoner or something..

not being able to come online really does suck. but i'm so busy ut hardly makes any
real difference... well yesterday was the auditions for the dance.. super overly nervous!!
and disapointed that my dancers didn't remember the moves!!! its so hard to teach :(
i wanna cry really really cry!!

well j approved it la.. but still!!!
i miss milky baby..*too lazy for church that babi!*
i mish princey. *got gf d.. dont wanna choi me*
i miss chichi * she blurrcase lost dy*
i miss y3.. *he's back bt i lost my wallet so cannot go out with him*
Bboy too!! he's away for now.. :( cannot sneak me outta the house!!

i miss my friends.. shalz.rhena.milky.. and church ppl who have gone missing....
bry where are you
tania monkey flew to another tree
juns is college stressed..
amiel back in philipines! :(

melia lonely?????

erm i'll just leave with I LOVE MY FRIENDS\!!!!!!

pssst ::thanks to hippo for finding sizzles wallet <3>

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