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Saturday, September 1

blogging woe's

i said it before and i'll say it again.
whenever i am free to blog its never the
right time. ishiness! bloggers block :)

got in touch with some old friend lately :)
charan who loves my ishiness
john who claims to be oh so innocent *he aint!*
daniel who is my baby boy *o.O i have a son!*

and church is back on this weekend (sunday sch is what i mean)

i wonder whats with me these days.
i keep banging into ex's! arrgghh
its so pissifying to bang into them.
why i will probably never know. but yeah
i just hate banging into them

ppl who actually read my bloggie i have changed the chatbox.
i keep getting complains that its very hard to leave a msg.
well now everytime you read this you can leave me a msg :)
i love msg's in my cBox :DD

my trials are coming up soon.
monday is bm!
:( i hate bm they make it so darn
hard to pass the blarde subject..
and friendster is super troublesome
to use now!! grrr. makes me pissed
since i do like using it :)

grrrr **growls summore!**

i love cal's gf nabila, my carebear!!
she's such a sweetie!! lol. and she's funny too..
i have an exam at 3.30pm so i'll be signing out now :)
chao!! till next time

xoxo the shugar shorty!

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