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Monday, August 20

my holidays

my holidays.

have been boring

and oh suppa boring!!

i was originally supposed to study and all but i spent my day mostly in front of the

teevee. aye so wasted aint it!! but this wednedday i'm supposed to go to nikki;s house

to finish the banner and all. .. lj called *6 freaking missed calls*[DUDE] askin if i was

free tomorrow (tuesday) to see if i could go out . well truly i wanted to say yes! i so

wanna go out, but i grounded myself to make sure i'd study. kno what??!! it aint

working. i am online loads and in front of the teevee loads. and on the phone too la.

so fail!! at that. and on friday i opened my mail

to see if anything besides junk mail was there.

LEO PJI sent emails. to tell us


our install is next week!! WTF!

dont you need to brief us newbies on anything.

yes i couldnt make it for the meeting. i had smthg.

but what do we wear. what do we do.

i feel like a puppet!


nvm bout that larh. i'll leave it , i think i'll callsu just to see her plans.

she might have to go back to her hometown on that day :S crappness!

oh bout sat and why i didnt go for the meeting, i was at a seminar! bible knowledge

seminar! and guess who i saw?!! ESTHER LAI!! that miss genius i love. i hadn't seen

her for so damn long!! huggs all over!!

i updated just to crapp a little.

for those who read my bloggie to be

not so bored

melia <3>

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