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Friday, August 3


i'm bored, a little tired and very uninspired!
been listening to this song by aly&aj called potential
break up song and frankly i love it. its funky and the lyrics make you relate in a way , and in other ways make you laugh out loud.
i really hope this post is readable. my friends have been complaining that they cant see what the heck i'm trying to type.

dear HIPPO and NIKKI!
i don't really like it but its see-a-ble i guess.
i havent blogged for quite some time now. and my
blog chatbox has been as quiet as the amazon jungle!
without all them monkeys and other animals,,
**shhh** so quiet!! :( make some noise for me ppl.

phei and riss have new man's and i'm like *krikkrikkrik* (cricket sounds all over). its so great to see them with other ppl now. i on the other hand prefer dating. but now spm so yea. that can wait ... SPM FASTER!!

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