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Thursday, September 20

blogging for fucks!

we sat for the diagnostics today

like wtf! why the hell are we

blarde sitting for these

stupid exams !! its such a brain

waster. i know its meant for all

the standards setting and all.

but its also kinda like a matter of

pride. the questions are so dumb we don't

want people thinking were stupid right?!

so basically its a lose lose situation!

hmm what about the world today???

well i for one am growing meaner :)
hehehe!! its definately much more fun
i don't have to be so damn nice anymore..

*ps accounts tuition was so much better!*

mel darling is doing well , i'm happy for her
hopefully its a lasting thing yea.

chi's phone got snatched. poor thing. its so hard to
contact her now!!

psst!! in facebook , there's all these causes for charity

and just by joining you are actually donating! please join.

and anyone out there know how i can get into social


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