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Friday, September 14


sports cars at stick! just joking larh! kayu in sunway mas :)
the cars look way better than the people tough!
i expected there to mostly be old people driving their toys
and sure enough old ppl!lawl! well 30smthg larh.
old to me cuz i'm seventeen :) but but
but no leng zhi's!
so basically , no eye candy!
leave's melia cranky!
*drown in my lameness*

the lovely KL PAC (kuala lumpur performing arts center)
it looks so good at night. well there were these cute little
art pieces of furniture outside but cuz my it was just way too dark
i didn't manage to snap anything :/ i'll come back with a cybershot next tim
my hands are always shakey!

the koi farm entrance! we wanted to go in, but it was about nine when we walked round so it was closed by then :( ah well, melia will go next time :)

this is taken frm my phone, a little blurry!
It’s the kl pac Japanese restaurant. I so wanna go eat there! Its just like them authentic Japanese
restaurants in Japan! Damn plus plus its by this huge pond which my brother and cherrie threatened to throw me into :p *like no way* but cherrie can’t swim so she’s my first victim!


checkie out my daddy! everyone says i look like him loads! neways can you see all that food on the table? it was just the first course. damn these koreans eat alot!

trust me this cup was huge! and the waiter kept filling it up. when we got home everyone made a dash for the loo! i think if we were as energetic we could win the boston marathon!
and the winners are "the Ho famileee!"
in the category of 'the hundred metre toilet dash!'

this is what was provided for utensils. damn that spoon is so effing long!
omg i'm helping them advertise!

korean food! those darn chopsticks almost made it impossible to eat!

and of course her son! who's a total
hottie was not too bad to look at either!

till next time
melia the shugarshorty!


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