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Monday, September 17

update now lurrr

using my lala language


i was in the car driving round the
other day and i saw ppl pass by
nature stay still *if i didnt i'd freak*
and started to think bout the world!

omg amelia is aware of stuff! i did say i was shallow!

well in the world have you thought

i complain bout how short i am and how i wish i had longer legs
some people happen to be less than 5feet high heels dont help and yet they are
comfy in their own skin.
others dont even have legs, they arent as lucky. only watching the greener side of the

i always wish for a new car or handbag or watch and blablabla useless items
some ppl dont even get them . i mean i should just donate my cash ryte?

we waste so much food!
those in africa have nothing to eat.
never take more than you can eat.
if demand is less then there won't be a need for high orders

i complain bout my parents alot. which kid doesnt right???
i found out.
orphans would do anything to have parents, but they can't sometimes
HIV positive kids lose their parents to the disease, and they're as young as 6!

the world is dying but no one seems to care.
we talk about it but then turn a blind eye.
a deaf ear. whats the use of awareness if its not
gonna make a difference!

i have exam after exam after exam.
its enough to drive a person nuts.
but since i am sorta out of it anyway.
its no big diff. i'm not gonna get any crazier :)

my life is non existant i am but a shadow living in a past
that leads to another day. the future is a path that i have
evaded for yet another dawn :)

shakespeare you rock my socks! even tough i havent got a clue
of the things you penned.

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