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Wednesday, October 3

hairspray & momma's birthday

photography by me!
till next time
*yes its a washroom so what?!*

well you have to have crabs when eating seafood! like duhh-ness!!! delish :) *smack* i kinda wanted the lobster but since its mommy's bday and she llavvs crabs we had crabbys :)
**think spongebob mrCrabbs crabby patties!**

this is marmite pork ribs :) delish one of my personal favs. and you can also see the bamboo lala. lol
omg i'm getting hungry again. **ishish

the chicken was aight :D but i love the way its presented!! the little basket *tong* wtv is such a cute way to present! sorta remings
you of
tau foo far tough

ter-snap my dad a little. the reason i took a shot of the vegetable's were because when it came i wondered why we were eating grass of some sort!. the stuff on top looks like grass! *yeuch* **disgusted face**

bamboo shellfish :) or *lala* no sihams :)

the day we went to watch hairspray :)
unfortunately we didnt get to camwhore in sushi groove
maybe next time :P

courtesy of miss amelia :)

giving dreamworld a run for their money. lawl

gsc's washroom! we love the mirrors! irresistible!
mel and i in ou

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