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Sunday, October 21

pink things

this certainly ain't pink! but its so hawtt!
anyone see anything like this do inform me :)

this fragrance is to die for!!
not too strong yet long lasting
truly a breath of fresh air :)

in wanted this last time. its a little strong for
my taste but the packaging is attractive

gucci :)
it definitely looks tempting
even the name is sexy

the ipod nano in hot pink! this is for hardcore pink addicts :) *pinklust*

the ipod in baby pink! adorable!

presenting the Samsung X830
a nippy little sideway slide.
however it does not have external memory.
and its much to squarish for my taste.
it is really cute but kinda reminds you
of a mirror comb

the nintendo Ds. its a real fun toy to have. this gadget has not one but two screens and a stylus :) for you techy ppl. this is a must :P but in my opinion the PSP has more advantages over this. the PSP has more games and is much easier to use where else this has to be opened up to be used, sorta like a laptop.if you're like me and have to fiddle round every
now and then while waiting for smthg PSP is the way to go :P
sorry nintendo

does it look somewhat familiar?? thats probably cuz you have seen it on Heroes, its Claire Bennet's phone. i.e Hayden Panettiere

pink things i found online and thought every pink freak would probably like! lols

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