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Saturday, December 8

b a n g s a r v i l l a g e ! 2

the destination!

the blogger and su!

yes yes me again!

su!!! she's gorgeous!

i couldn't help it!!
she was smiling so much i had to take a snap!

after my manicure we went here!
Haagen-Dazs **uhhh** german perhaps??

DANG!! they have a plasma tv!
i don't have a plasma tv!

strawberry cheesecake and caramel!!

these are actually vases!! crappin 5 feet vases!
thats my height!! OMG!

i'm short?!
i'm short!!
pretty artistic :) just for camera frienziess!

aaw teacups!! and saucers!
how cute!
all like a box of choc's!
Dear Santa :: may i have it for christmas??
i promise not to break *crosses fingers*

the giagantic-cus snowglobe ever!

a tonne of gingerbread houses :)
all done by lil kiddies :)
how extra sweet!

PROOF!! so crooked sure la kids :)
and see the white tag?? its got some kids name on it
unfortunately cannot see :P
haha discreet information!
but looks sweeett! hmmm i'm hungry!

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