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Sunday, December 16

i t s g o n e

my phone is gone! well the vs2 is gone :( and so are all my files in it!!
here's the freak accident! i finished breakfast after church
at ss3. started the car and waited for parents.
mom & dad were checking out some stuff lah. then they got back so naturally i had to move to the back seat. i didnt notice i dropped my phone. we drove away a little.

then i realized my phone didnt vibrate, strange cuz i was texting before tht la. so we drove back. saw the phone, ran to get it! was so damn relieved! then i checked it out! OMFGGGGG *oh my freaking goodness* don't get the wrong idea you!! the whole screen was gone damnit!! my face was the van gogh painting scream! literally.

so so so
continued with the original planto go shopping at ou
cuz mom wanted to go out.
i was so bummed out!
we went to check out stMicheals
and ended up buying 600ringgit worth
of clothes!! omg
i dont even spend tht much in topshop!
maybe guess la
but then again its Guess ryte.

here's some phone's i kinda like.

motorola v8
in mahagony :)

motorola v8

motorola krzr/k3

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