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Wednesday, December 5

Miss Livia TDM's supperrr seventeen!

this is livia!!
love her!!
she's awesome!

she is my sifu*!
somehow i must always camwhore with her!

evie and i! both are avid flash haters :) i have proof!! i have better pics with her :P

ahahas! i still like the one's without flash!

hate hate flash!!
wilson and i 1 we had 3 attempts lols. all were sorta funny. till someone gave us a hand :)
thanks dear cheryl

right before dinner, miss marissa decided "hmmm camwhore lah!" so tht is what happened!i
think its so cute!

we took this shot whilst dancing so i paused :D
gimme a break :(
i had 3
½ inch heels!

this one without the flash looks better!! i need my photoshop!

rhena i and marissa.
i look spastic here! crapt

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