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Friday, January 11

phone and pictures.

tonight i shall head to maison :)
the miss veet challenge is there
and i have to go. so i shall.

on another note. i have been toying around with the new NOKIA Xpress Music 5310 phone.
the verdict is

i love it!
*its so slim!
*its hardy! hello, nokia! drop a few times also can wan.
*the games are fun :)

**the amp is not very clear when you try turning up the volume.
**the camera @ 2mp. well, it isn't that clear honestly.

its good for a night out.
girls find it "oh so gorgeous"

and the guys
they just love being able to slip it anywhere
and not have it knocking and bulging out like
an alien.

do get it :)

its sleek slim and totally convenient for you slowpokes who're always being rushed. and especially for those people who hate having their handphones pried and investigated all the time :)
c'est la vie!

lust* the NOKIA Xpress music 5310

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