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Saturday, January 19

things nowadays

things have been boring.
the people at work are super nice and all but still
miss amelia needs peers her own age :/
i've been typing letters like there's no tomorrow!
its a civil engineering office and there's
so much to do. well work finishes really quickly
i suppose working a 5day week has its perks :)

i'm headed to ou today.
mom just got back from pg.
so were off for some lunch and shopping perhaps.
:) teehee* wundabar*
i love shopping.

i'm sososo sorry.
totally fell asleep last night
forgot to confirm with you
for lunch. hmmmhmmm
another day??!

nikki C!
wed i'm off.
lunchlunch & camwhoring.
re me asap :)
much loves.

dear JK,
don't kill yourself over Q&A

c'est la vie

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