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Sunday, February 10

l i t t l e b o x e s f r o m t h e h e a r t

My companion for the day, Miss Su Li Wong a.k.a milky (i'm cookie). oh well. she's off for her NS again.
p r e s e n t f o r d a r l :)

my new stilettos. the heels aren't metal however :/ my mom said they're lala. but i think they're cute. and su agreed. she helped me choose. the plain one's were like old people's shoes. YUCK*

his and hers.
didn't see it the other day. guess its sold out. not very unique but its attractive to say the least.
i bought the square shaped one.
its really thin. And so prettyyyyyyyy~ *drools*


its a new collection. gold, silver and bronze.
pretty :)
and a lil overpriced.

my perlini's craze.
the giant star is from miss milky :)
she knows of my obsession with
stars, and how!

the pig and the frog.
personally i think the frog's cuter.

the pig version. its so tiny!

and yet another!
the head moves, but not side to side.
it moves 360' round
*gasp* kinda freaky to look at.
but they made it really buy-able.

more versions of the nohomen zoku.
lucky cats and mini animals.
pigs, monkeys,frogs
totally cute, and expensive.
all from action city.

valentine's nohomen zoku
adorable. but useless.
apparently its supposed to calm you down,
if you're stressed out or something.

my favorite
'siew loong bao'
along with seafood la mien.

lunch @ Dragon-i :)

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