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Tuesday, March 25



First Name - Amelia

Nickname - shugar, melia,mel,am,ame,aimee

Name you wish you had - my second name is good enough

What do people normally mistake your name as - ah meh li ar. ish! stupid!

Birthday - 24th May

Birthplace - assunta hospt

Time of Birth - 8.smthg

Single or taken - half half

Zodiac sign - gemini, which explains my personality

-Your Appearence-

How tall are you - 156cm

Wish you were taller - kinda

Eye color - brown ..

Eye color you want - mine are already brown. i would like green

Natural Hair color - Black, very very black

Current Hair color - brown, my roots make my hair much darker.

Short or long hair - Short now.

Ever dye your hair a bizarre color -yeah, turned it slightly blonde

Last time you did something dramatic with your hair - i chopped it all off

Glasses or contacts - neither

Do you wear make-up - yeah

Ever had hair extensions - nope, would like to try

Paint your nails - manicures more often :)

-In the opposite gender-

What color eyes - as long as their dreamy

What color hair - non lala will do

Shy or Outgoing - outgoing, like myself

Looks or personality - Personality

Sexy or Cute - i'll settle for either

Serious or Fun - fun, i'm 18 i dont need serious

Older or Younger than you - doesnt matter

A turn on - great hair, height,looks and ass!

A turn off - B.O! bad teeth and STUPIDITY!

Flowers or Chocolates - flowers, takes lotsa guts for a guy to carry it round just for me

Pepsi or Coke - pepsi

Rap or Rock - Rock ..

Relationship or One night stand - relationships are more fun.

School or Work - school

Love or Money - love a rich man! haha

Movies or Music - movies about music

Country or City - city on weekdays, country on weekends

Sunny or Rainy days - i like them in the middle

Friends or Family - Family

-Have you ever-

Lied - Yes. i'm human

Stole something - yea

Smoked - yeah

Hurt someone close to you - yea, but i said sorry

Broke someone's heart - i guess so

Had your heart broken - few times

Wondered what was wrong with you - all the time?!

Wish you were a prince/princess - haha yeah :)

Liked someone who was taken - try not to. hurts too much.

Shaved your head - no way!

Been in love - lotsa times, i'm very fa sum

Used chopsticks - both for food and hair :)

Sang in the mirror to yourself - haha duhh. holding my hp as my mike too! haha


Flower - calla lilies

Candy - the hard to find one from famous amos.

Song - see you again

Scent - happy in bloom by clinique

Color - black, turquoise and pink

Movie - ah long pte ltd

singer - right now its miley cyrus

Word - sweat la

Junk food - anything with cheese? and psst, baby food :)

Website - http://chronicalsofshorty.blogspot.com/

Location - earth!

Animal - i have had rabbits. now i have a dog and tonne's of fishes!

Ever cried over someone - of course la

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself - i wanna be taller la!

Do you think you're attractive - if i didnt think i had some looks i wouldn't take photo's

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose - the little mermaid! i can be a mermaid

Do you play any sports - swimming, track, golf, shopping

The rules:-

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List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (5) people

1. i absofcknlutely love black and turquoise and pink
2. i'm only 5 feet tall
3. i love surfer boys
4. i'm lazy
5. i hardly use caps lock. which is why everything is small font
6. i can eat tonne's of pasta
7. i'm quite insane
8. i can't cycle

1. Ming
2. Pie alex
3. yuvannes Jaws
4. amanda leong <3>

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