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Monday, March 17

its just a post, an ordinary post

thursday :)
gonna watch hortan see's a who!!!!!
whowhowho?! teehee.
i love cartoons
bi called me childish! ish

this wed going out to meet nichi and nozzy
along with nikki. wow all the ee'ee's
i'm left out :(
i'm melia aikxxx.
i miss them! they're the n3 to my A :)
maybe we'll check out the spiderwick chronicles.
looks interesting enough.

i was bored.

animal prints! YAY
from charles & keith
i went there to get a bag. but tthe bags didnt suit me.
i came back to semenanjung and got me an
ALDO bag :) even better.

teh tarik special :)
the black thing at the bottom is
pandan flavoured sugar.
so the teh parik was kinda
greeinsh at first. haha
but its quite nice.

no dummmyy its not my shoe closet.
i dont have that many sneakers.
but i have way more heels! haha
and wedges :)

kuching from kuching

whilst freezing.

nails. manicure from elaine

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