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Thursday, March 27

its M.A.C and Fafi!

this post was brought to you by
the sleepy me from 9am

once again MAC has brought us another beautiful and adorable line this time its FAFI fafi is french graffiti. this is the first time MAC has collaborated with a graffiti artist to create a unique line.

honestly i feel a little ripped off! my lipglass is the exact same colour, only missing the stickers!! gahh... and the rogue and the eyeshadow! all same. but i got the plain packaging! GAHHH i want the new one! so being kiasu and since i have the mac fafi stickers. i took the fafi stickers from mac and sticked it all over my MAC! hahahahaha kiasu betul! but who cares. i love it, its prettier now.

so many yan yu (lady boys) and gays there tonight
gawd the make up is totally over the top
on some people! scaryyyy! and the amount of
fake eye lashes i think can fill a huge glass from
williams larh.

ishishish. tmrw i will have to sit for my undang!
third time weihhh. lemme pass la stupiakk!
eating my money only. fuckerss!

bi came over today. was supposed to be a boring day.
thanks for making it un-boring dear.
haha. after you left i went to study. ended up falling asleep again.
(i woke up at 9am and he was late)

fafi press kit :)
the mini disc has the advert.
you can edit it and rewrite it
add yourself and post it anywhere
or send it to them :)

french culture we adore?
its cute. do visit macfafi.com aight
this thingy is downright cute!
the models, the packaging!
the event was adorable.

the invite
with the details

even the back of the invite garners
attention! MAC Fafi absolutely
screams "mememe!"
and you know what?
its works.

up and down
these are shots of the envelope.
honestly! attention to detail people!
even the envelope is fafi-fied!
can they fafi-fy my room??


fafi ad's on a bunch of plasma's
hitched together!
all night long
you can play guitar hero 3 and dance nation :)

same fafinette. but in a diff form
yeayea, everyone touches the boobies!
cheekopek betul!


my fav fafinetter. Ermine

fafi make up :)
i had to control myself
from grabbing it and running off!

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