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Tuesday, March 4

t i t l e ?

me and brandon :)
gosh i miss him so much

the lovely PD sky in the evening :)
sorry la. no photography skills.
only 2mp handphone camera okayy!

delia and i on the beach
after volleyball! :P
went swimming after that,
sorry no pictures :)

on the way to PD :)
the sun was so darn bright.
and the ride was sorta boring
tehee, whats a girls to do?
but camwhore?!

food in PD. alot of seafood *duhh*
but all delicious.

mel and i at murni after a movie :)

dinner at chilli's :)
courtesy of kor.

last day of work :)
ham yuu is sneaking in behind.
melissa an i are looking weird

marissa sneaked this shot of me. tough its weird
that was my second last day of work.
and thats WORK. lol

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