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Monday, April 21

the curve, the college and the life

me hiding in the shades :)

these are tributes!
one is my College Kit
its something i deinitely need

then my daughter and course mates :)
i haven't taken with others yet.

and to my daughter alicia song :)
mummy syg her hottie daughter!

and also more pics from the curve

and me again

gucci gucci gucciii!!
i cravee infinitely

gucci for my stuff

gucci *lust=love* for my lappieee

the MAC folder i have my life in
its been fafi'ed

just for my daughter and her bf. :)
alicia nicole song sum yee!!
the hot hot hottest!
mummy sayangs you tonnes hun

and alvina dear :)

its rachelle
miss GAN!! *bangbang*

some funny wunny oilyy spagetthi called
'andrews pasta'

at 18 i have a ponyyy!!

emo pic

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