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Sunday, April 20

fckn TAGGS


tagg courtesy of miss nikki chua sze lyn

Do not copy each other's answers.
The tag questions must be 100 % the same.

List 20 names out.
1. Nicole C
2. Amanda Leong
3. Alicia Song
4. Melody Khoo
5. Alvina
6. Li Chuen
7. Delia
8. Melissa Wong
9. Pei Chi, Ng
10. Rachelle Gan

11. Kwan Kah Yip, John
12. Yuvannes "Jaws" Kumar
13. Jethro Wong Siew Weng
14. Han Cheng, Kwok
15. Koh Foo Haw
16. Timothy Song
17. Benjamin Song
18. Aris Raphael Khoo
19. Benedict P
20. Wai Leong, Hoh


How do you know 14 ? [ Han Cheng]
school, classmates since form 4

What would you do if you had never met 1 ? [Nicole C]
i would be missing out a huge chunk of my life!

What would you do if 9 and 20 dated you ? [Pei Chi / Wai Leong]
haha. it would be cute *wl is younger tough*

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple ? [Li Chuen / Ben Song]
erm kinda mismatched. they're too similar *ben is younger; again!*

Do you think 8 is attractive ? [Mel W]
haha, adorable la

Do you know anything about 12's family ? [ Yuvannes "Jaws" K]
they always have tea?

Tell me something about 7. [Delia]
when we camwhore, she looks like my bf -.- scaree
a bf with boobs!

What's 18's favourite ? [Aris]
atm, chicks and his car

What language does 15 speak ? [Foo Haw Koh]

Who is going out with 19 ? [Ben Paul]
idk. ben's been MIA for a long time now.

How old is 16 this year ? [Tim Song]
17 :D

When was the last time you talked to 13 ? [Jethro]
erm yesterday, online.. counts right??

Who is 2's favourite singer ? [Amanda]
no idea, she seems to like alotta songs

Would you date 4 ? [Melody]
she's my little sister! you sicko!

Would you date 17 ? [Ben Song]
his gf would be the first to slaughter me

Is 15 single ? [Foo Haw, Koh]

What's 10's last name ? [Rachelle]
Gan Ping Fern

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11 ? [KKY, John]
haha, were more like besties than tht!

Which school does 3 go to ? [Alicia Song]
smk DJ

Where does 6 live ? [ Li Chuen ]
subang, ss14

What is your favourite thing about 5 ? [Alvina]
the fact that we get along really well


Tag people after doing it.
- Nic

- John

- Ming

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