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Tuesday, April 29

its so fckn mcb, DENG

the past few days have been absofuckinglutely crapp!
i made him angry and sad.
caused myself unwanted stress.
couldnt sleep much 2nights back and
woke up at 7.22 friggin AM!
mcb, whats wrong with me..
i really hate having to tell him
if i go out with jason, cuz i know he'll
be disappointed and all, but i have to.
i love him too much. even if he doubts me.
and even if i cry, i know at least melody
and luilui will save me. they always cheer me up! :D
love you ppl, you know who you are

surprisingly my lil bro i.e:jethro
called me out for bfast.
shocking as he hasnt called me out for like 2weeks?!
thts long for him
ahaha best part is he paid!
and i ate like 2roti's and he ate nthg.
*he's working! he jaga's me more :)*

last night went to mels house.
told momma and pawpaw tht i was going williams to yc.
how can i fckn tell them "oh mom, gonna play pool cuz i sial d"
especially since mom says me playing pool is so damn 'low class!'
mcb. its fun laa
got bored. decided i wanna play pool.
supposed to go yc only in the beginning,
called jason*cuz he tersleep and forgotten
to fetch me to college, making me freak out
and have to call my brother!was pissed at him, he only woke up
at 5pm! somewhere there laaaa*
went to ss2,kayu! AGAIN! starting to hate tht place.
mel almost die'd alotta times.
which was actually kinda funny to watch.
half the time jason smoked, mel looked like
a terrorist.
erm, something like how i would picture
archmed the dead terrorist to look like in real life!
hahaha. quite funny la!
three of us started arguing about where to go.
mel ask me, i ask jason, jsn ask me *back*, i look blurr**
his friends all damn busy or whtever la.
so ended up waiting even longer! *deng!*
so i said "we 3 go ny la, need to call another person for what"
speed to tropicana. listen to all the feng tao music.
listen till we started laughing *mad anot?*
reach tropicana, damn swt la!
one table is for snooker, its huge!
and the other is for pool *english pool* fckn small la deng.
learnt how to play snooker.
if i'm not mistaken its "yellow,green,brown,blue,pink,black?"
arrgh tak tau la
came home at like 11 last night,JASON, you drive like a madman.
you can kill yrself but don't kill us.

i think this is like one of my longest post.
when i have pissifying times it tends to be
longwinded me blogging. maybe cuz i'm more silent la.
more crapp to say.

i'm damn pk now! maybe i shouldn't have bought that
tube thingy online. hmm, it better be damn well gorgeous
and look good on me!
it left me with rm20! -.-
and i have to get bi his rm10 cred, which leaves me with
rm10?? dengg*
lucky i don't have coll till next week :)
and its MAY!! nore ka ching ka ching

aight i'm too lazy to type any other stupid details
about my life.

no more airing my dirty laundry in public.

cest la vie!

bii, when i say ily. i really do.

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