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Saturday, April 12

thrilling and killing

remember the show
2guys 1girl and a pizza place???

yeah, well today it was
1guy 2chicks and a pancake house :)

ironic la really.

gosh its been awhile since i blogged. been
bugging myself to blog smthg so far..

been kinda busy. started
coll this week :)
in IACT btw.

its fun lotsa fun :)
later ny blog bout that la k :)

got back from ou with dear and darl
watched this really long weird ass movie
did shopping, stuffed myself with
peaches :)

leaving you with pics. lazy d.
i blog from the coll computer room next time la..

cest' la vie

the adorable, the hot and the blurr :D
typically malaysian

background is paddingtons :)
smexayy chi again

my super hot miss chi! :)

del and i

food from paddingtons

my ah lian-ish nails :)
kan cantik*

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