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Sunday, April 20

walking ropes with a couple of nerds

3 nerds, one pair of sunglasses tragedy be-fell us!

don't get it twisted!

i edited this for my L4 L4 stands for lenglui luilui (sounds retarded but who cares?) my little alicia nicole song! she said it looks *ahem* naughty, so fine i r-rated it for her. shoutout, 'alicia nicole song is most definitely one of the most gorgeous girls in the world!!!!!!'

nerd number 1 :) my twin! now we even look alike! plus we dress alike!? like wtf??! haha she reads my mind like i read hers i love my twintwin pinkshopaholic sayang!

nerd number 2
was so adorable yesterday. the three of us all make good company really, all 3 are mad, all 3 are into food all 3 are blurr and always have no idea where to eat or what movie to watch!

"deng?" *definitely,...maybe*

watched definitely maybe again. i totally love april :) she's my fav. especially since she's so definitely adorable :D

plus i llovvee her RED hair!

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