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Sunday, May 25

the 24th and the 25th!

spent 3days with bi and 4days with chi and louis -.-
and i loved it!

yesterday was the 24th :)
unfortunately i didnt post a special thing.
it was however my BIRTHDAY :)
pictures will be up soon :)
thanks for all the wishes people!
its so sweet that you all remembered,
whether through sms, IM's, message spams in my cbox,
calls and online thank you for remembering!

and today is the 25th!
headed to genting with bi, chi and louis.
longlonglong time since i've been there!
sat on so many corkscrew stuff
*who screwed the cock i dunno la*
felt like i was gonna fall out most of the time lol.
but but but CHI GEK :P

i love you :)
all of you, but especially YOU!

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