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Monday, May 19

bangbang and Pavillion

had shooting today at 9.30 am.
no 9am pictures! i looks like crap?!
lols. not literally.
but waking up does help a little :P

shooting hard sial.
i had to knock this cup over alot.
till now my hand still hurts!
mahhh cheeee byeee!

nevermind la. short thing only.
plus i got $$$ ka ching!

after that, we drove to Pavillion
for shopping and lunch.
well, it was actually lunch only;
but we got too tempted!
Pavillion is addictive?

we had lunch at Dragon-I
and best part is;
lunch was on the house.
all because Miss Cherry Tang (bro's gf)
knows the head chef of Dragon-I Msia :)
we called him up and asked for the usual
discout actually,
but when it came time for the bill to
come; they say "Wang shi fu yi ching gei chian"
ahha. i can't type pinyin laa.
but it basically means Chef Wang has already paid the bill :D
should have ordered more dessert laa!
*ps, chick said name so fast, i'm not sure if its correct*

walked around looking for Forever21!
hard to find la. mafan btl!
whilst finding F21, we found Guess
Parkson, Mng and etc laa.
i lovee MNG! i'm back to being an MNG freak :/
ayee. *so superficial kan?*

even the supermarket was pretty interesting.
totally wins points in my book!
they have a whole ailse dedicated to PASTA
and a whole section to JAPANESE stuff :)
this lady came up to me asking me to sample.
she musta thought i'm foreign.
she spoke to me so slowly.
so i very quickly said "no thank you *smiles* "

before leaving, i banged into Mr New
daniel new tht is :)

another one, hungree laaa
summore nthg to do

camwhore over lunch

pasta ailse!! damn chunted laaa.

the giganto forever 21!

forever 21's dressing room! pwettyyy

see see, i can't help posting pictures about her! damnit she is so damn adorable. and she speaks mandarin like a pro :/ malu kes sial!

its an affair with Forever 21!

shops i love :) dragon-I , Juicy Couture, Shanghai Teng missing are Guess, MNG and F21. Gucci too! Its not opened yet :/

my brother the "waiter"
thats his part :P
in the shooting.

this is Evelyn! she wasn't in my scene :( but isn't she absofuckinglutely adorable?!

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