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Thursday, May 1

break the ice..

chuen, abdullah and rachelle came over to do our group assignmentfor mass comm. we kept debating over what topic to pick!
from abuse to child abuse to ENVIRONMENT!! -.-
damn far away right??
i did like child abuse, but its hard to present.
bi joined us for lunch.
we kept on discussing, well abdullah and rachelle mostly.
haha.deng! after AB(abdullah) and RC(rachelle) went off.
i showed chuen where to get my manicures :)
haha elain the manicurist should gimme free manicures
for all the advertising i help her do :P
spent some time with bi ♥ ♥ ♥
at 4pm met with jet for yc.
i bully him about his new someonesomeone!
and he paid me back by giving me horrid ball placing in snooker
when we headed to rileys.
half way bi dump us to play his foos -.-
mou yi hei.
lemme kena whack by jet de..

mou ngan tai (no eyes to see)

oh no prince caspian defiled! mommamiaaa

MCB! what the f*** does
hottie prince caspian have

fuck i want TGIF's brownies and friend mozarelalalalalla.
starts to droollll*
-keyboard starts spitting sparks!-

jet arrives and ordered some middle finger :O
him:"ahahhaa siao!"

yr hair is okay la DENG!

him:diu la dear!'
me:'blame jet for being late, melia is BORED! dont diu, deng'

'eh stop taking my picture laaaa'
me: '
ahaha, lei yao seung' (you wish la)

a dumbdumb moment when i decided to do a
narcissistic collage of who else??

sweets i lovelovelove! *hinthint*

wondermilks wonderful toilet deco.we actually stood
in the toilet for so frigging long :) it is that comfy.

the laptop bag which susannah was screaming over :P

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