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Sunday, May 11


yours truly,
the camwhore as ever
always needs a self shot.
but since JETJETWONG
said "stop yr stupiakk car shots laa"
i asked del to snap me
looks sleepyy -.-

oh well la dolce vita!
cest la vie!

portrait of marissa by veins!
1. he's a damn good artist!
2. even in pictures she's hot! (marissa 1 melia 0)

but my portrait from veins got extra things!!
he gave me wings!! ahahah
and made me like damn tall la!

veins and del.
del is my blablabla partner.
everytime i blablabla
she yayaya!
sometimes she will blablabla back
or either she'll blablabla about some
random thing!

darling veins
he's always there for a hugg!

delia & risssy
she's getting even more
gawjus la!
*gorgeous for the youyouyou's who tak faham*

hunn, i damn fucking sayang you!
come back from NS faster!

my eye cacated here! wtfx

communication breakdown!

lesbian pic no 1. the kiss

marissa heart<3 i realise we have alot of lesbian pictures! -.-''
melted cookies :/

here are some pictures. i'll let them speak for themselves la. marissa came back for awhile she's been away at NS. totally loving every moment of it! so we cam-shlutted away after sunday school :P

teacher may said something funny today, she said when you finish form5, and leave sunday school; you'll never come back, so you should savour the time you have as a youth and just enjoy the little things done during sunday school.

really now?? then how come after form5, people like me! innocent ppl like me are still there?? MCB i'm too damn guai lui la!! nowonder ppl say i look innocent and damn guai.

in reality i am so dangnabbit guai*

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