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Saturday, May 17

friday night lights *blingbling*

headed to the curve with miss chi, jet and louis and jon ytd :)
hadn't seen louis in ages. gawdd.
we walked around in circles abit.
didnt know what to do -.-
headed to buy movie tickets.
small arguments here and der! -.-
just for movie tickets damnit. lols

watched what happens in vegas and narnia 2; prince caspian

vegas was uber funny and so damn cute.
kinda missed abit of the starting tough,
we were waiting for bi to come. so we sat there eating
ice cream for like 30 minutes.
i was trying to finish the blarde ice-cream faster
and the guy gave me more ice cream! (shared with chi)
yish, wrong personnnn :P
when he finally came, jet, bi and i rushed into the cinema.
watched vegas and laughed like crazyy.
but cameron looks really OLD there!

hahahaa I WON POOL!
when chi went to find louis, *cuz he couldnt get a parking space.*
bi and i played one game.
haha but he kept *unintentionally* hitting all my balls in!
so yea, i won by default kan :P
but who cares! i WON :P ahahhaha
yesh i am a power hungry little monster!

after watchin vegas, went to find miss chi :)
all pecah belah and went missing in the curve.
the guys *bi and jet* couldnt decide what to eat.
we kept asking them, they kept asking us back -.-
*duhh situation!*
ended up eating in TGIF.
sowwiee, didnt post the pics of jet's
alfredo and bi's mac' n' cheese.

louis and jon :)
thank you en driver :)
sorry we mafan-ed you!


melia ft chi
car shots!

college babes :) @ wondermilk

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