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Sunday, May 4

hey baby!

this photo explains alot of my sundays.
they're church friends. no guys camwhored today. lol
bad day for them??
well, i'm gonna snap their pics next time :)
finally saw mr Kelvin Loh today.
redeemed a huggie wuggie from him :D

zara T :)
i bought it cuz i like beads!
siao kan??

3vincci shoes.
only 3 today :/
mom didnt lemme buy the one's from nose
they were almost exactly like the one's in
charles and keith!!
but pink and juicy cotour-ish looking

lunch at delicious ou

rosmary & garlic tossed potatoess!!
absofuckinglutely fabulous!

onion soup with some kinda cheese :) yumyum!

dress from zara, made me look and feel boobless!
nyeh!* i actually have boobs!
forget it

see see, emphasizes the hips la :/
damn ty!

i bought this!!

goes so well with skinny's!

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